Series 5 Episode 5 (Examination)

We have this friend Wendy, who’s just had a baby…

A message from injuredunicorn
Are you going to see Stephen Fry live tonight at Edinburgh Festival Theatre? I am and I am very EXCITED! He's signing books afterwards! What should I say to him?!

Oh god I’m so jealous! I tried to get tickets but they were sold out (of course…). Just be yourself and tell him that he’s an amazing person! And if you have the chance, please tell him I love him too, haha! Have a great, great time tonight!

I know I’m rubbish at blogging at the moment, but I will be back. For those of you asking for an update about Edinburgh: moving into my lovely new house with fab flatmates on Tuesday, and yesterday I went on a date with the most gorgeous englishman (he’s a musician, god help me). Date went amazingly well. Job interview tomorrow (crap job though). So things are looking up!