I can’t wait until next month when I move to Edinburgh. At the same time I’m scared shitless (new country, no job, no home, no friends). But anything should be better than living in this continuous static void as I’m doing right now.

I’m not interested in your stupid dreams.

"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world."

Robin Williams ( July 21st 1951 - August 11th 2014)

I put my foot down at work. Told my boss I had too much to do. She gave me even more to do. Worked late.

No overtime.

Came home. Relatives on surprise visit.


Prepared healthy meal. Threw it in the trash.

Stole visiting relatives’ family size pizza. Ate a third of it. Lying on the floor.

Love being an adult. Such fun.


I really love the fact that for a few weeks every year Britain absolutely loses its shit over a bunch of people we’ve never seen before in our lives squatting in front of ovens and crying over the texture of cake I feel like it really brings us together in combined fear of soggy bottoms