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I need to tell you something about weight loss

Everywhere on Tumblr I come across blogs where people (I’d dare to say mostly young girls) are glorifying weight loss as the ultimate solution to all their problems. “If I only lose weight I will love myself/find love/be happy/feel accepted/reach my goals in life”.

Well, you might. I won’t say you won’t, because I’m not an expert on your particular life. But I would consider it highly unlikely that weight loss alone will bring you any kind of emotional fulfilment or make you more than temporarily more pleased with your life. I’m not talking about weight loss for health reasons, if that’s what you’re going for then you go Glen Coco.

You all know it’s a bad world out there, and we all feel anxious, scared, insecure and sometimes we feel like total failures, and that if someone replaced you with a bad mannered potato, nobody would know the difference. We know we should love ourselves and all that, but how to go about it?

Weight loss is not the solution, you will not automatically feel happier if you lose weight. I lost 40 pounds over the last 6 months, I was (and still am) quite content with the way I look. In society’s eyes I’m prettier now, and in general more people want to have sex with me and tell me I’m attractive.

But the thing is, I haven’t changed at all. I still have all my worries, anxieties and I’m still 100% me. Not better, nor worse than I was before, not me 2.0. And I will always be me, you will always be you. What I need to feel better about my life is genuine love and affection from those around me, and in my experience that’s as hard to come by no matter what size you are. Also what I might need is a therapist, and/or a more fuck-everything-and-let’s-have-fun-attitude. That might ACTUALLY make me happy.

Weight loss changed nothing about me, except the size of my jeans. You’ll feel good some days, and some days you’ll always feel like the bad mannered potato previously mentioned.

You might not agree with any of this and that’s fine. But this illusion about weight loss as the key to happiness has to stop, and this is my counterargument.